Fire Department

Quality fire protection services are extremely important to residents.  Given the equipment and training required, those services are quite expensive.  The Town of Pacific does not have its own Fire Department.  Instead it, along with other surrounding townships, contracts for those services to be provided by the City of Portage Fire Department.  When the City of Portage Fire Department responds to calls, the Town is charged for those services.  The Town, in turn, passes that charge on to the property owner who received those services.  If you receive an invoice from the Town for fire protection services, check with your homeowner's insurance company or, if applicable, your auto insurance company, to determine if the service is covered under your policy.  If it is not covered, and you are not in the position to pay the full amount of that invoice at that time, you should contact the Town Clerk to discuss payment arrangements.

City of Portage Fire Department
119 W. Pleasant St.

Portage, WI  53901
Phone:  (608) 742-2172 - Non Emergency