Plan Commission

Plan Commission meetings are held the 1st Tuesday of each month at 5:30 PM at the Pacific Town Hall, W7530 Hwy 16, Pardeeville, WI  53954.  For more information or any questions, contact a Plan Commissioner.  You can also view meeting minutes and meeting agendas.

The members of a town plan commission are considered town officials.  Commissioners, like other local officials, take an oath of office swearing to support the constitution and to "faithfully discharge" their duties of office to the best of their ability.

As local public officials, they are subject to laws such as the open meetings and public records laws and ethics and conflicts of interest laws.  They are also protected by certain laws when they exercise their official duties.

When members of a town plan commission are applying their ordinances and the statutes to specific applications, they are subject to stricter laws than when they are making public policy, such as preparing a plan.

When they are acting in such a "quasi-judicial capacity", as when they review subdivision plats or consider applications for conditional use permits under the zoning law, they must follow concepts of fairness and due process that are in addition to the general ethical constraints found in such laws as the Code of Ethics for Local Government Officials.

In such proceedings, in addition to following notice and hearing requirements, plan commissioners must be unbiased and apply the existing legal standards to the evidence in the record.  Decisions should not be based on personal opinion or information obtained outside of the record.

In general, the Plan Commission shall administer its Comprehensive Plan and amend/update the Plan from time to time as the Town Board directs.  

The Plan Commission will make reports to the Town Board and recommendations relating to the Plan and development of the Town.

The Plan Commission shall, pursuant to Town ordinances, have the following powers:

(1)  Zoning conditional use permits.

(2)  Subdivision review.

(3)  Site plan review, design review.

(4)  Review and approval of erosion control and storm water management plans.

(5)  Oversee Driveway Ordinance administration.

(6)  Oversee building inspection program.


Comprehensive Plan